Why Tanning Injections Dangerous?

Why Tanning Injections Dangerous?

Tanned skin is often seen in western culture, which is perceived as an attractive thing. Many American peoples use theseindoor tanning methods like tanning beds tanning lamps for determining their skin as many people like their own skin, and tanning has no benefits related to health issues.

Overexposure of skin to UV light is considered a natural thing found in sunlight used in determining that it can damage your skin increases the risk of skin cancer development. Just one indoor tanning session increases the risk of development of Melanoma to 20%, squamous cell carcinoma to 67% and basal cell carcinoma to 29%.Somany peoplerealize that the potential danger of tanning has started looking towards the alternatives like tanning injection. So the form of tanning injection mimic in the body can cause pigment on your skin known as melanin.

How does melanin work?

There are two forms of tanning injection, such as Melanotan 1 and Melanotan 2. Both types of injection can work by replicating the Alpha melanocyte hormone that is a stimulating hormone present in your body. This hormone can bind with the melanocortin receptor and stimulate.So these cells present in your body produces and darker appearance to your skin.

Melanotan 1 is long-lasting in your body as compared to Melanotan2  before breaking down the enzyme. So Melanotan 1 is considered as best medically. Afamelanotide can be sold under this brand name called scenes, which is generally used for preventing the phototoxicity called erythropoieticprotoporphyria.

People are suffering from this rare genetic disorder experience severe pain while the skin is exposed to sunlight and other artificial light. Melanotan 2 can bind with a different range of the receptor as compared to Melanotan 1. As a result, it crosses your blood-brain barrier by causing different side effects such as fatigue, Sexual dysfunction, and appetite loss. Both the type of Melanotanis considered as a regulated and are illegally sold online.

Side effects of tanning injection

Without any proper regulation of the tanning injections reviews, you can’t get any guarantee that you are using the labelled product.In addition, the effects of long-term by using both the type of  Melanotan always remain unknown. The common side effects of using the tanning injection are loss of appetite, nausea, drowsiness and flushing.

It also leads to skin cancer, erectile dysfunction and kidney failure. Tanning injection also comes with several risks such as abscess, HIV/ AIDS, Hepatitis B, C, and Septicemia, which is a blood infection.

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