What type of seller account is best for you?

What type of seller account is best for you?

Individual seller account

For someone who only wants to sell a few products on Amazon,  https://buyamzaccounts.com is the best option.

Even though there is no monthly subscription fee for the individual seller account, you will charged an additional fee. On each item sold, there is a fee of 99 dollars per item. In addition to the referral fees, and variable closing fees charged to both account types.

If you intend to sell more than 40 goods each month, you need to join up for the professional seller account. Aside from the costs, you’ll have to pay, and there are a few other essential aspects to think about before opening an individual seller account.

  • Inventory Lab, Scoutify, and Repricers are examples of third-party services that you cannot use.
  • On Amazon, you cannot apply to sell in restricted categories.
  • The Buy Box is not available to you.

Professional seller account

The Professional Seller account is the one that ALL new sellers should join up. When you decide to upgrade to a professional account, you’ll take your business far more seriously and strive to fulfill the 40-item-per-month goal. A Professional Seller account costs 39.99 dollars per month is charged, when you create your professional account in  https://buyamzaccounts.com. Remember the .99 dollars per item fee that charged to individual sellers on this account.

Benefits of professional seller account

Having a Professional Seller account comes with several advantages. Below is a quick list of some of them.

  • You can use a spreadsheet to upload several goods to seller central at once.
  • You now have access to several seller reports.
  • Winning the buy box is one of the most efficient methods to deplete your inventory. If you aren’t a professional seller, you won’t be able to do it. If you’re selling a popular item, you’ll want to win the buy box so you can sell it quickly. You can apply to sell in some limited categories.
  • You can build new product listing pages.
  • You save 99 cents for every item sold if you sell more than 40 products per month. The more you sell each month, the cheaper your costs will be. This benefit is a rare gift in the business world, where fees often increase as you sell more.

It’s essential to remember that you have the option to upgrade your account at any time. If you don’t know how many items you’ll be listing when you initially start, there’s a good chance you won’t sell more than 40 each month.

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