What is the world cup of Fortnite games?

What is the world cup of Fortnite games?

Fortnite is a popular game launched by Epic Games. This game has become so popular, that people not only love to play this game but also, they watch others playing this game for several hours at one stretch on YouTube as well as Twitch.

In the month of October 2018 only, the game got a view of 67.7 million hours on the website of Twitch ( which is the second-highest figure) and on YouTube, the views were 42.4 million hours which is the highest figure.

A creator of the channel on Twitch and YouTube named Ninja is reported to earn $500000/month by streaming the game of Fortnite. This shows the number and power of the community of fans of this game that are highly engaged with the game. So the launch of the Fortnite World cup is another means to grab some attention.

In 2019, Epic games held the first Fortnite in the Arthur Ashe Stadium in New York which is a very famous stadium and always reserved for the US Open tennis tournament. 40 million players have participated in this event. After several rounds of elimination, the stadium event has been pitted by 100 best players against each other in the finals.

The tournament is having an overall 30-million-dollar prize pool. In the end, the 16-year-old player named Bugha has won the first prize of 3 million dollars. The economics of this event is not available publicly, but we are guessing that the media has earned by generating the event and they have enough earned as compared to epic games.

2 million estimated people are watching this event live and videos are showing the highlights of the event which have also been viewed by millions of people over time. The event also got on to the major news outlet.

Fortnite business strategy is totally self-explanatory, the main point to mention here is that the Epic games are not only selling the Fortnite branded apparel but also selling other branded products like speakers, toys, etc.

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