Filing An Insurance Claim In The Case Your Car Is Stolen

Filing An Insurance Claim In The Case Your Car Is Stolen

The comprehensive insurance policy of the car would be of tremendous help when the vehicle is stolen. For getting maximum benefits from the insurance it is very important to file the claim. You will see step by step process of filing the claim for the stolen car which is as follow.

File complain at Police station:

This is the most important step which needs to be performed immediately when your car is stolen. When you are early filing the FIR then the police will ease the process of claims with the insurance company and the chances of getting the used car back will also increase.

Inform the Insurance Agency:

The insurance firm should have to be intimated regarding the stolen of the used cars in montclair immediately. You can attach a copy of the FIR with the claim form. But it is not mandatory while informing about the theft of the car, you can later also submit the claim forms with all the required documents.

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Inform Regional Transport Office:

You will need to inform the regional transport office about the stolen off your car and they will help you in protecting yourself from any criminal claims if your used cars in Montclair are been used in any criminal activities. You will need to submit the registration certificate of the car, a copy of your driver’s license, a copy of FIR, and the claim form.

Required documents before claiming:

1. Before you are submitting any claim to the insurance company, the below documents are required to be kept ready for fast processing of claims.

2. FIR copy from the Police station

3. Registration certificate copy of the car

4. Driver license copy

5. Claim form signed and Filled

6. Policy document

7. Original keys of the car

8. Road tax receipts

9. NOC form from financer for an ongoing car loan

10. RTO transfer papers signed and filled

Bottom Line:

The stolen car is considered as the total loss. Completed reimbursement which is equivalent to the insured amount will only possible when you are having return to the invoice. When the rider is absent then the final reimbursement would be equal to the current market value of the car.

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